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Beyond the Fashion Shows, Lives Are Being Impacted Every Day By the Fashion Industry

Contextual Modesty

Contextual Modesty

Beyond policing hemlines and cleavage, we believe in freedom of expression through fashion while paying attention to the context of that expression. We believe in scripture and moderation, not tradition or legalism.

Affordable, Sustainable Fashion

Affordable, Sustainable Fashion

Millions of families and individuals in the world do not have the money to buy clothes for themselves or their children. As an industry we must work to cloth our world affordably with garments that will last.

Responsible Use of Natural Resources

Responsible Use of Natural Resources

Clothing our bodies should not require us to abuse and destroy animals, wildlife, and our world's precious resources. Yet, the textile manufacturing industry is one of the world's biggest polluters.

Ethical Hiring, Casting, & Labor Practices

Ethical Hiring, Casting, & Labor Practices

No one should profit from the abuse of human beings for the purpose of sex or labor. As an industry, we must work to expose practices that include poor work conditions, sex trafficking, and child labor.

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Christian Fashion Week Makes It to the New York Times!
In a celebratory article by domestic correspondent for the Styles sections of The New York Times, Alexandra Jacobs, she takes readers behind the scenes at Christian Fashion Week 2015. Read the article that everyone has been waiting for.
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