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100 Fashionistas

An Elite Group Will Make Christian Fashion Week Happen Every Year. Join Us.

Every year, the Christian Fashion Week team works hard to raise the budget for our annual shows. This distracts us from the main mission of putting on an amazing fashion showcase and truly innovating.

So, we need your help to fund Christian Fashion Week FOREVER. Best of all, you can do it for just $25 per month, becoming one of the 100 Fashionistas of Christian Fashion Week.

Membership Perks

Band together with other fashionistas around the world and help Christian Fashion Week change the fashion industry. Become one of the 100 Fashionistas by sponsorship Christian Fashion Week with $25 per month and you'll receive:

  • Exclusive membership into the 100 Fashionistas
  • Two preferred seats at all Christian Fashion Week events
  • DVDs of All Christian Fashion Week shows
  • Exclusive invitation to the annual 100 Fashionistas soiree
  • Discounts from participating online fashion boutiques
  • Discounts from all vendors at Christian Fashion Week
  • The Christian Fashion Week 100F goodie bag
  • All Christian Fashion Week soundtracks
  • Acknowledgement as one of the 100 Fashionistas on our websites, events, and materials
  • Exclusive voting access to model castings and designer selections, giving you a voice in the process!
  • A framed certificate of membership into the 100 Fashionistas each year

Join 100F Now!

We cannot wait another year for your partnership. We need it right now to make our next show happen. Best of all, if more than 100 people become fashionistas, it will allows us to run a SECOND SEASON of Christian Fashion Week in the next year! That's CFW all year 'round!

Just fill out the secure form below to join the most elite group of fashionistas in the world.

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