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Licensing Information

Christian Fashion Week ® is a registered trademark (Reg# 4494390, 4456872) of Christian Fashion Week, LLC. unlicensed usage of our trademark is strictly prohibited by federal trademark laws, and enforced by our legal team, Bush Ross Attorneys at Law in Tampa, Florida. We reserve all rights provided to us by United States trademark laws.

Licensing Christian Fashion Week ®

Christian Fashion Week, LLC provides easy, flexible terms for licensing our brand. Limited licensing is provided to our CFW Local Edition licensees as well as our promotional partners. If you are interested in licensing Christian Fashion Week ®, contact us at (813) 441-9814, extension 200.

Photography and Logo Usage

Christian Fashion Week ®, LLC prohibits the use of its trademark, brand, and corporate logo except in the case of approved promotional usage. Photography published on ChristianFashionWeek.Com is owned by the photographers who took the time to provide them to us. Usage of any photography on our website without express permission from the respective photographer for any reason is strictly prohibited. For photography usage rights or to purchase photographs, contact Michael McCoy's MP Studios Tampa. For photography by Farrah Estrella, contact EFR. For Photography by Dance Cafe LLC, contact Dance Cafe.
Christian Fashion Week Logo

Christian Fashion Week ® and the Christian Fashion Week logo are registered trademarks of Christian Fashion Week, LLC. All rights reserved.


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