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Christian Fashion Week Launches GoFundMe Campaign

Saturday, August 30, 2014 • Christian Fashion Week
In August of 2014, Christian Fashion Week launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund its 2015 showcase. We expect to raise $10k from our community of fans and supporters throughout the world.
Christian Fashion Week Launches GoFundMe Campaign

In 2013, we broke ground and created a historical industry first - a fashion week created around the idea of Christian values and a Biblical worldview. That first event quickly started a movement of support around the globe and inspired media outlets such as the Associate Press, Christianity Today, and the Salon.Com to write about us. In 2014, we expanded the event to a full week, launching the first International Day of Prayer for Art and Fashion, celebrating a week full of events, and culminating in an action-packed two-day fashion showcase with 15 designers, over 70 models, and a team of dedicated stylists, hair & makeup experts, and an audience of fans.

In previous years, financial support from Zondervan Publishing and several smaller Christian organizations have helped to fund Christian Fashion Week. As the founders, we've invested tens of thousands of our own dollars to make it happen. But, in year three, we expected more Christian brands to walk with us. Sadly, support within the Christian community has been very difficult. Believers are torn between different schools of thought when it comes to fashion. This DEMONSTRATES the reason for Christian Fashion Week!! For the secular community, we are certainly interesting enough to receive exposure from BuzzFeed.Com and PerezHilton.Com, but we're just not big enough to support yet.

So, we need the help of our community of supporters. Christian Fashion Week 2015 will cost us $35,000 to put on. This week-long celebration of fashion, values, and faith will be the most elaborate show yet. From swimwear to menswear, we will be exploring fashion from a position of:

  • Contextual modesty
  • Affordable clothing
  • Responsible use of natural resources
  • Ethical hiring and casting practices

We are doing all of this in the name of Christ and excited about the statement it makes - Christian Fashion Week is NOT about cleavage control or hemlines. It's about being a voice for those who the fashion industry oftentimes discounts - the modest, the non-elite, the environment, laborers, and the people who make things happen behind the scenes.

This year, if our CFW community doesn't support the show, it cannot happen. There are no big sponsors and no major brands behind this. We need the community of thousands of you that have supported us throughout the years to reach deep and make CFW 2015 a reality. This includes our past sponsors and vendors. Let's partner together to make a worldwide statement!

Thank you for coming to our shows, liking our pages, signing up for the e-mails, and spreading the word. We are so grateful for your generosity right now.

Learn More about Christian Fashion Week:

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- Story on CFW by the Associated Press
- The article about CFW by BuzzFeed.Com
- Perez Hilton Weights In on CFW

Now, show us your support! We need you!

Visit our GoFundMe page at http://www.gofundme.com/ChristianFashionWeek2015

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