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Keep up with the latest from Christian Fashion Week. Our blog is an information source for all things CFW and any news from the fashion industry that affects the Christian market.

Thursday, January 16, 2014 •

In Tampa Bay, there is no bigger fashion showcase than Christian Fashion Week. With over 17 international designers, over 50 models, and a talented staff of founders, team members, and volunteers, Christian Fashion Week 2014 continually sets the bar for the quality of production and high fashion style.

Christian Fashion Week Prepares To Produce the Largest International Fashion Show in Tampa Bay for 2014
On the weekend before New York Fashion Week, the Christian Fashion Week team will be kicking of the year with the largest planned fashion event in Tampa Bay of 2014. 17 international designers and over 50 models will be working together to showcase creative, yet modest fashion lines from around the world during Christian Fashion Week 2014's two-day finale. In its second year, Christian Fashion Week begins on Sunday, February 2nd with the International Day of Prayer for Art and Fashion, inviting all to pray for the success and blessing of inspiration over the world's art and fashion community. The week continues with styling workshops, fashion shopping, and a VIP celebration for all participants and VIP ticket holders. The final two nights at the Bayanihan Art and Events Center in Westchase will mark the event's second year with international designers, several returning designers, an original soundtrack, and a production laser focused on kicking off a new year of fashion.

"Last year, we had no way of knowing what type of support Christian Fashion Week would receive," commented Executive Director, Jose Gomez. "Because of the overwhelming support of an international community of men and women who are fans of modest fashion, we chose to take the risk on a week-long event. The results has been an electric, exciting feeling of anticipation, knowing that the stakes are high because we're holding the largest planned fashion show of the year in the Tampa Bay area. We believe it's worth it."

What is surprising is that the production will be held with only 55 volunteers, a staff of 6, and the four founders of Christian Fashion Week - Jose Gomez, Mayra Gomez, Tamy Lugo, and Wil Lugo. Last week, Gomez's blog article, titled "Bringing Sexy Back: The Place of Sex Appeal and Physical Attraction in the Christian Life", brought attention to the event, demonstrating that attendees should not expect a dull religious show.

Co-founder, Tamy Lugo added, "Christian Fashion Week is a not a 'church fashion show'. It's about high fashion from a perspective of creativity and modesty, exemplified by Christian values. Expect secular and Christian media, fashion industry professionals, and fans of fashion at our show. It's everything you will enjoy about New York Fashion Week - with an extra button and inch of extra fabric."

Friday, January 10, 2014 • Jose Gomez

As the Official Christian Fashion Week, we constantly receive questions about what Christians should think about sexiness and modesty. Co-founder, Jose Gomez, writes about his perspective on how Christian can view the issue of sex appeal and offers advice on how to interpret fashion without legalism.

Bringing Sexy Back: The Place of Sex Appeal and Physical Attraction in the Christian Life

One of the most intriguing discussions we have ever had around the Christian Fashion Week founders' planning table was about the word 'sexy'. Instantly, the group was divided on what the word meant, what it conveyed, and what it implied. The concept of sexiness means something very different based on the way you interpret language, life, and the place of sex appeal in the vast mixture that is human life. For many, the word was easier to define before agreeing to live by a certain moral standard. But, afterwards, it seems that the skirts got longer, everything got looser, and sexiness was replaced with the need to outwardly convey a sense of decency and morality.

So, what really happens to sexiness?

Wil's discomfort lies in the definition of the word "sexy". So, we dove straight into that first. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, sexy means, "sexually suggestive or stimulating." It offers a second definition: "generally attractive or interesting." It was clear what Wil was having a problem with. "I would not feel comfortable with my daughter saying that she looks 'sexy'," he explained.

In our modern world, sex is big business. It drives marketing, merchandising, entertainment, and even personal habits. Porn websites are responsible for an estimated 30% of all internet traffic. According to some researchers, up to 45% of men use the internet to watch porn. This means that sex consumes one third to almost one half of our attention as a society. Our need for the provocative is undeniable. I would argue that God Himself wired us that way, but of course we always find ways of mismanaging what we are given.

However, Christians are told by scripture that we are to control that part of who we are. We're not told to make it go away, just to balance it. We learn that anything in excess, especially if it begins to control us, is dangerous. Sex, alcohol, bad friends, bad hygiene - the intention is to keep us balanced and attentive to our purpose instead of our obsessions.

But, balance implies that some things are safe in moderation. In the Bible, there is an entire book devoted to romanticism, even eroticism. The themes discussed in it are themes that would quickly be silenced in most church discussions. But, it is undeniable that sex, the romantic, the erotic, and sex appeal is part of life - yes, even the Christian life. Even in the Old Testament, we see Judges 21, where the daughters of Shiloah danced for men who took them as wives. That's pretty sexy stuff!

Sexy Is A Complicated Word

We agreed around the table that day that the word "sexy" means different things to different people. For some, it means "sexually enticing" while others use it to mean "beautiful and well put together." Not everyone who uses the word attaches the act of sex or sexual enticement to it. But, for me, that's not what matters. I'm not interested in apologizing for something that isn't necessarily wrong simply because it is sometimes twisted into a very dark thing. Sexuality, sexiness, and sex are not filthy concepts reserved for whispered discussions in shadowy back alleys. They are among God's most brilliant creation, allowing mankind to do everything from procreate to experience a one-of-a-kind bond that keeps them wanting more from each other.

For singles, sexiness is an attractor. It is a part of courting - a way of reeling in a partner who is attracted to what you are radiating. Without rules, it's a dangerous proposition. Not only can you end up with some serious spiritual problems, but there are a myriad of other complications that come with minimalizing the power of sexual attraction and allowing yourself to be consumed by it. But, when it's the real you that someone finds sexy, things begin to find a balance. When attraction is combined with true relationship, you can walk a lifetime together. That IS your objective right?

That brings me to the place of sexiness within marriage. This is the place of unrestricted passion. It's the context painted in scripture of healthy, blessed sexuality. So, the role of sexual attraction changes from a billboard to a post card. It moves from being a poster to a very intimate and personal photo. But, the freedom you can enjoy within that exchange is amazing. Sexiness within marriage is like a phone conversation that never ends, that starts with the superficial but becomes deeper and more creative as time goes on.

Some people are thinking, "That does NOT sound like my marriage!" So, how long ago did sexy go out the window? Is there a lack of balance in that area - either way? Only you know that for sure, and I don't want you to feel judged in any way. But, sexiness is an important component of keeping the fire alive and I don't want you to miss that.

Ok, Back to the Topic At Hand...

This post isn't intended to provide sex advice, but it obviously leads us to exactly what Wil was explaining that day. Sexiness, at the end of the day, is about sexuality. It's not that we are all perverts and creeps. But, it is our sexuality and natural enticement that makes what we see into something beautiful, exciting, and enticing. Once we understand that, we can stop living in denial of our nature, and start to look for its best context. What we all want is a happy, balanced life. As Christians, that's exactly what our Bible teaches us. Just put it into perspective and then feel free to use it to its full potential.

At Christian Fashion Week, you are going to see 17 designers showcase a variety of fashions. There will be moments where you look and say to yourself, "I would look HOT in that dress," or "Boy, is that sexy!", or for the guys, "man, I would kill it in that!" Don't worry - we won't sizzle your eyeballs with revealing attire. The runway won't ooze with sensuality. There won't be any peek-a-boos or slips. But, you will undoubtedly be hypnotized by the beauty of the art that is presented for the first time by these provocative (pun intended) designers.

When you have that experience, don't question whether or not you should be feeling this way at a Christian event. Instead, think about the best context in which to express that side of yourself. Think about whether or not the garment is an expression of who you truly are. Ask yourself whether you will feel beautiful (or handsome) and confident while still maintaining the moral standard you live by. We won't all agree on every garment. But, I know that there will be something beautiful for everyone who attends. With both men and women fashion lines in our showcase, the Christian community is positioned to bring sexy back.

No need to redefine the word. Just wink and say, "you know what I mean."

Thursday, January 2, 2014 •

When one of the largest Christian websites in the world partners with Christian Fashion Week to broadcast its annual showcase, you know it's an event that is worth attending. Learn about how ChristianPost.Com will be partnering with Christian Fashion Week 2014 to take it to an international level.

Tampa, FL - Christian Fashion Week announced today that ChristianPost.Com has agreed to broadcast the two days of fashion to its audience of millions live online. This expands the event's footprint significantly, reaching an international audience that ChristianPost.Com has built over its 10 years on the web. Last year, ChristianPost.Com wrote two popular articles about the event and designers showcased at the very first Christian Fashion Week. As part of its promotion of the live event and in support of the showcase, ChristianPost.Com is also currently giving away two VIP tickets to Christian Fashion Week 2014.

"On the internet, it's hard to find anyone bigger than ChristianPost.Com," commented Executive Director, Jose Gomez. "From the very beginning, they have shown tremendous support for Christian Fashion Week. Their articles about our first event helped to bring awareness to our passionate mission and the excellence in production that our event would be known for."

ChristianPost.Com and Christian Fashion Week will be announcing the website address where live video from Christian Fashion Week 2014 will be available during the week of the event. Those wishing to attend the event are encouraged to visit http://www.christianfashionweek.com/. Advanced purchase discounts are available. Seating is limited.

About Christian Fashion Week

The mission of Christian Fashion Week is to create a series of fashion shows and events around the idea of fashion from a Christian worldview, reflecting common values such as modesty, boldness, and integrity. While the organization acknowledges that these values are not exclusively Christian, their faith is a unifying factor for these ideals, and a viable marketplace for fashion designers who believe in them, regardless of faith. It aims to create a forum for fashion designers and industry professionals to network and increase awareness of a values-based fashion industry that has always taken a back seat to the world's more risqué sense of style. Christian Fashion Week is a mission to stand for dignity on behalf of modest fashion consumers.

ChristianPost.Com is the nation's most comprehensive Christian news website and was launched in March 2004, incorporated with the vision of delivering up-to-date news, information, and commentaries relevant to Christians across denominational lines. As the flagship website of The Christian Post, ChristianPost.com has quickly grown to become a leading online Christian news publication, with continuous updates throughout the day - seven days a week. Through the website, The Christian Post presents national and international coverage of current events affecting and involving Christian leaders, church bodies, ministries, mission agencies, schools, businesses, and the general Christian public. As a pan-denominational Christian media source, The Christian Post views all Christ-centered denominations as equal constituents of the body of Christ and does not promote or demote any Christ-centered denomination and/or congregation. The Christian Post is a member of the Evangelical Press Association, a member of the National Association of Evangelicals, and a global partner of the World Evangelical Alliance.

Past ChristianPost.Com Articles about Christian Fashion Week

Christian Fashion Week: 9 Designers to Keep Your Eyes On

Christian Fashion Week 2013: Where Modesty and Creativity Meet


Tuesday, December 31, 2013 •

Our 30% off special for Christian Fashion Week 2014 General Admission and VIP tickets ends at midnight 12/31/2013. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy an tremendous discount and a FREE bonus just for reserving your spot today!

It's Time To Buy Your Tickets To Christian Fashion Week 2014

Today, New Year's Eve, we are exactly 33 days from the beginning of Christian Fashion Week 2014. The year has flown by and it seems like only yesterday since our last show. But, this year is going to be so much bigger and better, with 17 designers showcasing on the last two days of a full week of modest fashion. The support and excitement we are experiencing is electric!

But, if there is one thing that I could change, it would be the expectation that guests for this year's show have that tickets will be available when they come to the door. In Tampa, we typically wait until the very last minute to purchase tickets, which makes running fashions such a risk for the producers of the event. So, in efforts to reward attendees for pre-purchasing their tickets early on, we've extended a 30% discount that ends TONIGHT. Although we have a fair of amount of seats have already been purchased at this amazing discount, I know many of you that are coming but have not yet purchased.

So, with just 12 hours left before our early bird discount goes away forever, I am encouraging you to consider reserving your seats today. A two-day pass to our Friday and Saturday show is only $75 today, but it will go up to $90 after midnight, and $110 at the door. For those who want preferred seating, distinguished treatment, and an extra Thursday night VIP party, VIP tickets are $105 until midnight, when they increase to $120 and then $150 at the door. Do you see why it's best to buy them today?

Also know that by pre-purchasing your ticket, you are helping to make our event significantly more successful. Advanced ticket purchases enable us as event organizers to focus on the things that truly matter - exposure for the fashion designers, a dazzling production, and an unforgettable experience for our guests. If you wait, not only do you run the risk that your seat will be taken, but our focus is split between creating a spectacular event and promoting the show to sell more tickets.

We've even gone the extra mile to negotiate with a local Marriot Counrtyard just a few miles down the road from the venue to provide you with a special $109 per night rate, complete with shuttle to and from the event! For those of you who will need this, please note that you must book your room no later than 1/17/14 to get this rate.

Thank you for your continued support throughout the year. This coming week, the models will be announced, the designers are booking their flights, and hotel rooms are being reserved. We're preparing for the largest showcase of modest fashions ever produced - and you have a front row seat to the party!

Buy your tickets today by going to:


Book your hotel today by going to:


As an added bonus, everyone who has purchases tickets before midnight tonight will receive a FREE professional photograph of you and your guests to commemorate your attendance at our 2014 showcase. This is a $99 value you get for FREE on top of the 30% discount just by purchasing your tickets today! Don't wait until the last minute. Can I save your seat?

Joy, love, and blessings in 2014 for you and your family,

Jose Gomez, Jr.
Executive Director, Christian Fashion Week

Thursday, November 14, 2013 •

For the second year in a row, Christian Fashion Week is proud to announce that Zondervan Publishing has become a major sponsor for our 2014 event. We are excited by our continued partnership with Zondervan and the support they have extended to our annual event.

Christian Fashion Week announced this week that international Christian media and publishing company, Zondervan Publishing , has become an official sponsor of the first Fashion Week for the Christian community in history. The event, which will showcase 17 modest clothing lines from international fashion designers, will be held in Tampa, Florida on the last two days of a week-long event starting on February 2 to February 8, 2014. Zondervan Publishing has stepped forward as a significant sponsor, partnering with the group to make a statement that modesty in fashion has a place in today's culture and marketplace.

"It is an honor to receive such acknowledgement from one of the world's most prominent Christian brands, " commented Jose Gomez, co-founder of Christian Fashion Week and president of The Fashion Industry Association. "The mission of Zondervan Publishing, to exalt Christ through excellence in publishing, is a shining example of what we want to accomplish in the fashion world. Modesty in fashion allows designers to focus on what covers our bodies, enables men and women to represent themselves with dignity, and ultimately exalts the values and ideals of the Christian worldview. It's not about being sheltered or embarrassed. It is about knowing who we live for and how that should be best represented."

About Christian Fashion Week

The mission of Christian Fashion Week is to create a series of fashion shows and events around the idea of fashion from a Christian worldview, reflecting common values such as modesty, boldness, and integrity. While the organization acknowledges that these values are not exclusively Christian, their faith is a unifying factor for these ideals, and a viable marketplace for fashion designers who believe in them, regardless of faith. It aims to create a forum for fashion designers and industry professionals to network and increase awareness of a values-based fashion industry that has always taken a back seat to the world's more risqué sense of style. Christian Fashion Week is a mission to stand for dignity on behalf of modest fashion consumers.

Zondervan Publishing, a company of Harper Collins Publishers, is an international Christian media and publishing company. The company has a team of more than 350 employees with offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Miami, Florida. Zondervan authors number more than 1,500 and include America's most respected pastors, influential leaders, renowned authors, and emerging voices. The company's resources are sold worldwide through retail stores online, and by Zondervan ChurchSource - serving over 400,000 church leaders - and are translated into nearly 200 languages in more than 60 countries. Zondervan has been named Supplier of the Year by the Christian Bookseller's Association (CBA) seven times.

Thursday, October 24, 2013 •

The fashion designer line up for Christian Fashion Week 2014 is complete! Find out who made the cut and who will be showcased in the world's only fashion week for the Christian community and lovers of modest style. We are so excited!

After months of searching the globe for talented fashion designers, Christian Fashion Week announced the full line up for Christian Fashion Week 2014. Over 60 applications were submitted through the organization's website but only 17 designers were chosen for the February 2014 showcase. The following is a list of the fashion designers chosen to participate:

  • · Julia Chew / Xiaolin (Enchanting, alluring garments)
  • · Sumita Bhojwani / KalaXpress (Indian fusion)
  • · Dali Hernandez / House of Dali (for the working woman)
  • · Rene Scarborough / 2 Coconuts (Swimwear)
  • · Wildy Sanchez, Katie Martinez, Sarah McPhillips / Elegantees (Relaxed, edgy, modern femininity)
  • · Bine & Bass (Menswear)
  • · Vonique Mason / Mikra (Ebenezer Collection)
  • · Elaine Grullon / EJ Fashion and Design
  • · Ricc Rollins / Classic Gentlemen (Menswear)
  • · Damaris Rubio (Styles from the Dominican Republic)
  • · Roy Smoothe / Just Cool (Menswear from the UK)
  • · Jonathan Allen / Narrowgate (UK)
  • · Ronnisha Tolefree / Aura Boutique (Elegant fabrics, edgy looks)
  • · Jessica Rios / All Brides 2 Be (Bridal)
  • · Rachel Weathersby / Madame Weathersby (Couture with European flair)
  • · Angel Myers / Angel Myers Designs (Plus Size)
  • · Medinah Hagan-Morgan (Suits)

The designers' entrance fees will be sponsored by four faith-based companies - NetMinistry, TruModel, VStylist, and Tampa Headshots.

"It took longer than expected to carefully look through each designer's application and the design samples that were sent to us," commented Fashion Director, Mayra Gomez. "We want quality designers who were going to produce garments that were going to be unique, stylish, and representative of what our event is known for. We are confident that we have found that in our 17."

Christian Fashion Week originally announced that it would showcase 16 fashion designers for its 2014 showcase. However, plans changed after the fashion designers applications began flooding in and it became more and more difficult to narrow the participants down to a smaller group.

"We are honored to have several of last year's participants with us again," said Jose Gomez, Executive Director for Christian Fashion Week speaking of 2013 fashion designers Julia Chew, Sumita Bhojwani, and Rene Scarborough. "We could have put on a show for them alone. But, with the addition of the 14 other designers we have chosen, Christian Fashion Week 2014 is sure to be a thrilling experience."

Christian Fashion Week will be holding model auditions for its over 100 applications in November. Tickets for Christian Fashion Week 2014 will go on sale December 1.

Friday, August 23, 2013 • Christian Fashion Week

It doesn't have to be risqué to be fashionable. Christian Fashion Week announces its challenge and call to fashion designers all over the world to create modest clothing lines and showcase them on February of 2014 in Tampa, Florida. 16 designers will be chosen and their entrance fees sponsored.

Christian Fashion Week Challenges Fashion Designers To Create Modest Lines for the Everyday Woman

Last February, Christian Fashion Week made history by showcasing eight designer lines centered around the theme of modesty. What many expected to be a "church show" turned out to be a New York style fashion show that sent ripples through the Christian and Fashion communities.  The group is now preparing for an entire week of fashion in February of 2014, aiming for 16 designers who will rise up to the challenge of pushing their creative talent within the construct of modesty from a Christian perspective.

"We are looking for designers who want to challenge themselves to create art without the crutch of sexuality," commented Jose Gomez, Executive Director of Christian Fashion Week. "We fully understand that sex sells. But, for the everyday woman, sexuality is not the dominant quality she wants to exhibit. She is a force to be reckoned with beyond the visuals of her anatomy. She is fierce and demands attention with her strength, intelligence, and grace. Now, THAT is sexy."

Christian Fashion Week has also announced that all 16 designer spots have been sponsored by the four companies of its founders - NetMinistry, TruModel, VStylist, and Tampa Headshots. Each company will sponsor the entrance fee for four designers, removing the normal budgetary constraint for designers to participate in fashion shows.

"We felt that talented designers should know how much we believe in them," said Tamy Lugo, co-founder of Christian Fashion Week and president of VStylist. "The designers ARE the show."

Christian Fashion Week is now accepting designer applications for its 2014 showcase. Fashion designers interested in participating should visit http://www.christianfashionweek.com/For-Fashion-Designers and apply online. The organization will be choosing its designers from among the applicants and announcing them on the website by October 1. Designers will be chosen based on the quality of their designs, references, and overall professionalism.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 •

We've opened up to the most significant partnership opportunity we've ever considered. Our new Title Sponsorship gives a brand the opportunity to have their name prominently above our logo for the entire length of time leading up to our next event! Christian Fashion Week 2014 will be "presented by" that title sponsor. We do all the work - you get all the credit. We don't mind as long as the event is a success!

Christian Fashion Week Announces the Availability of Title Sponsorship for 2014 Showcase
Christian Fashion Week, a showcase of modest fashion lines celebrated from February 2 through 8, has announced the availability of a title sponsorship for 2014. The opportunity was created with hopes for a major brand to affiliate itself with the event that produced international buzz last February. Although the sponsorship is open to any company sharing a passion for modest fashion, the most likely candidates for a "presented by" spot on the marquee will be a Christian retail chain, publisher, or media company. The organization is in talks with several companies about the opportunity and hopes to solidify funding by the end of August.

"We made a decision to share the title in hopes that a strong value-based brand will partner with us to make a statement to the world," said Jose Gomez, Executive Director of Christian Fashion Week. "The statement is simple - there is a market for modest fashion lines and women all over the world are asking for it."

The sponsorship includes all of the usual perks of sponsorship, including exposure on the Christian Fashion Week website, materials, and press releases. But, most significantly, it includes the right for the sponsoring brand to claim that the event was "presented by" them. For the international exposure over the next six months leading up to and throughout the week of modest fashion, the proud sponsor can expect to pay $25,000. However, lower costs sponsorships are available on the organization's website.

"This year's production is going to be a celebration," said the excited Executive Producer, Wil Lugo. "Our sponsors are the lifeblood of a production as ambitious as this year's show will be. We are moving in faith, knowing that they will show up and help us make a mark on the fashion industry."

Information about the title sponsorship and other levels of partnership with Christian Fashion Week can be found by going to:
Thursday, August 1, 2013 • Christian Fashion Week

We have received quite a few questions from fans of the official Christian Fashion Week about the Baltimore event presented by Quintaria S. Brunson's organization, Designed Life and its affiliation with us. It's time that Christian Fashion Week sets the record straight.

When an idea is a good one, people will rush to duplicate it. We understand that, and we are thrilled that Christian Fashion Week has inspired so many people to want to put on fashion shows for the Christian community. Earlier this year, we were contacted by Quintaria Brunson of Designed Life about working together to leverage the Christian Fashion Week brand and put on a show in the Baltimore/DC area. She corresponded with us several times while we were putting together our Local Edition program.
Several months later, we discovered that Quintaria had chosen to proceed with an event using the Christian Fashion Week brand, which is in the process of being trademarked, presumably to leverage the momentum of our official event. We contacted Designed Life and asked them to cease using the name of our organization and event as a trademark application had been filed and we were working with our legal team to complete the trademark process. She even went as far as placing a TM symbol next to the name Christian Fashion Week, claiming that she had the trademark rights even though no application had been filed and Christian Fashion Week, LLC already had an active application and first use common law rights.
After several e-mail correspondences, phone calls, and communication with their attorney (who she had ready to rebuttal), Quintaria Brunson and Design Life refused to rename their event and continue to use our name. Today, they are hosting an event in 2013, and sponsors, vendors, and designers alike are confusing her event with ours, as we predicted would happen. However, we feel that Quintaria Brunson and Designed Life knew this would happen.
The Official Christian Fashion Week is an international event produced by Christian Fashion Week , LLC, based in Tampa, Florida. Although the future will undoubtedly see year round events, our event is currently held in February, during the timeframe of New York Fashion Week. The event is not produced by an event company as the Baltimore event is, but a team of fashion industry professionals that have taken part in numerous fashion shows and fashion weeks around the country. We've worked for years to establish a strong brand that designers and buyers alike respect. A cursory Google search will show that we are without a doubt the Christian Fashion Week the world, media, and industry knows and acknowledges. Our image is professional, not homemade. Our event is one of the best produced of its kind.
Hopefully, this helps to set the record straight for those who Designed Life's naming strategy has created confusion for. We had hoped that values like concern, love, unity, and valuing the work of others would have prevailed. But, God knows all things and is in control. This is exactly the type of disregard Christian Fashion Week stands against, as it is typical in the fashion industry. It just should not exist in the Christian community. We'll keep you updated on the progress of this issue, and encourage you to voice your concern to Designed Life just as we have. Under any other circumstances, we would have gladly endorsed, worked with, and promoted her event provided that it met Christian Fashion Week production and promotion standards.
Tuesday, July 30, 2013 • Christian Fashion Week

We've set the dates. It's time to begin the journey to Christian Fashion Week 2014. We are so excited about this next year - which will definitely be bigger and better then ever! A full week of modest fashion ending in a two-day, 16-designer event that is sure to rock the fashion industry and retailers around the world.

Christian Fashion Week Announces a Full Week of Modest Fashion In 2014

Christian Fashion Week has set February 2nd - 8th, 2014 as the dates for Christian Fashion Week 2014. The event debuted earlier in the year, presenting a successful and internationally publicized inaugural event last February. It was held in Tampa, Florida in front an audience of over 300 attendees and over 2,000 online viewers from around the world. It received excellent reviews from local and national media, including the Associated Press, Christianity Today, The Christian Post, The Examiner, the Tampa Bay Times, and many others.

"We are tremendously excited about how well this event has been received," said Jose Gomez, executive director of Christian Fashion Week. "It feels like we've started a movement and we can see it growing every day. We knew that our message would resonate with fashion consumers and it's an honor to be a part of history."

Last year, the organization raised eyebrows with its decision to create separate backstage areas for males and females, and for showcasing a female-only swimsuit segment. The founders have confirmed that there will be a few more surprises this year. The week of fashion will kick off on February 2, 2014 with an International Day of Prayer for Art and Fashion, where churches, ministries, businesses, and individuals will offer prayers for "inspiration, creativity, and success" for the fashion industry as a whole as well as the other fashion weeks. The week will also include workshops, shopping days, VIP parties, and a two-day fashion showcase in Tampa, Florida.

This year, the group aims to showcase of 16 fashion lines from around the world, and is expected to fill the slots quickly. Christian Fashion Week has relationships with over 300 designers, but is still accepting applications.

About Christian Fashion Week

The mission of Christian Fashion Week is to create a series of fashion shows and events around the idea of fashion from a Christian worldview, reflecting common values such as modesty, boldness, and integrity. While the organization acknowledges that these values are not exclusively Christian, their faith is a unifying factor for these ideals, and a viable marketplace for fashion designers who believe in them, regardless of faith. It aims to create a forum for fashion designers and industry professionals to network and increase awareness of a values-based fashion industry that has always taken a back seat to the world's more risqué sense of style. Christian Fashion Week is a mission to stand for dignity on behalf of modest fashion consumers.

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