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Christian Fashion Week Makes It to the New York Times!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 • Christian Fashion Week
In a celebratory article by domestic correspondent for the Styles sections of The New York Times, Alexandra Jacobs, she takes readers behind the scenes at Christian Fashion Week 2015. Read the article that everyone has been waiting for.

We are so excited to be featured in the New York Times today! Domestic correspondent for the Styles section of The New York Times, Alexandra Jacobs, tell the story behind the scenes at Christian Fashion Week 2015. The article discusses the people behind the show as well as the philosophy and culture of our mission. Jacobs also discusses the strange struggle we have with the contemporary modesty teachings and how Christian Fashion Week is looking beyond the shallow and into things closer to the heart of God.

All around, we absolutely loved the article. Featured are supporters and participants:

  • JoJo Shaw
  • Silva Emerian
  • Jean Huni
  • Constance Franklin
  • Viji Reddy
  • Edwich Desroches
  • Olivia Pollard
  • Zoe Thomas
  • Neva Durham
  • Aleksandra Salo
  • Kim Albritton
  • Brittany Baldwin

Thank you to everyone who interviewed and gave Alexandra the information she needed for her article. Special thanks to the New York Times and Alexandra herself for the support and exposure. We truly appreciate it and are humbled that you found us newsworthy.

Read the the full article!

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