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A Successful Christian Fashion Week 2015

Thursday, February 26, 2015 • Christian Fashion Week
We sold out The Vault, the most beautiful venue we've used in the last three years. It's so exciting to experience the level of support we have received for our new platform, and we are excited about what the future holds for Christian Fashion Week.
A Successful Christian Fashion Week 2015

Christian Fashion Week 2015 was a packed week indeed. We started the week with the International Day of Prayer for Art and Fashion. Churches, ministries, families, and individuals from around the world took part in lifting up the fashion industry in prayer.

On Monday night, we hosted a discussion forum at Gomez Innovations about the topic of modesty and how the teachings surrounding the topic vary wildly within the church. The ladies present shared their stories and views. The most common experience was one of oppression through faulty teachings about modesty based on policing the lust of men. It was a liberating discuss that took us on a tour of several key scriptures and common experiences.

Tuesday night, our very own Tamy Lugo put together our Style Shop Night with special guest speaker, Wendi Braswell. Wendi covered a multitude of topics around the subject of personal style. We also had several vendors attend, offering their products at the event.

Wednesday night, Don Me Now! hosted a party for co-founder Mayra Gomez's birthday. The mixer also featured a panel of fashion industry experts who shared advice on getting started and growing your business within the local fashion market.

Thursday night, everyone cut loose at the VIP Rendezvous at Aloft Downtown Tampa. Our VIPs, designers, models, stylists, MUAs, and volunteers had an amazing time eating and talking about the much anticipated designer showcase. Alexandra Jacobs and Melissa Lyttle from the New York Times joined us for interviews as well as meet-and-greets.

On Friday, Executive Director Jose Gomez hosted our designer showcase as the models hit the runway with full collections from 11 fashion designers. From activewear to evening gowns, no collection disappointed. The show was action packed and non-stop. See our Facebook page for photos and coverage links.

Saturday morning, we finished Christian Fashion Week 2015 with an invite-only inner circle luncheon with key supporters and media. We discussed the week, complete with highlights and constructive critique. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful week.

Thank you to everyone who made Christian Fashion Week 2015 happen. Now, it's time to plan for the future... and the possibility of Christian Fashion Week 2016. Will there be a season beyond the Final Season? Stay tuned for news.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Garber / FotoCafe LLC & Events


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