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Christian Fashion Week 2015 Kicks Off

Sunday, February 15, 2015 • Christian Fashion Week
Today, we've launched Christian Fashion Week 2015 with the International Day of Prayer for Art and Fashion. We are joined on this informal day of prayer by churches, ministries, families, and individuals from all over the world to pray for the fashion industry and those most affected by excesses and abuses within the industry.

Thank you to everyone who is praying for the art and fashion industry today. We want to encourage you to lift this world's fashion designers, textile manufacturers, brands, celebrities, models, stylists, make up artists, event promoters, and marketing and PR firms in prayer, asking God to inspire and touch them in a special way for 2015.

But, more importantly, let's lift the people who work behind the scenes to make our clothing a reality. Pray for workers in the US and abroad who work long hours sewing and building garments, sometimes under less than favorable conditions. Pray for children, sometimes as young as 5 years old, forced to work 10-16 hour days just so that we can buy our children Nikes. Pray for people affected by pollution and the overall environmental impact of textile manufacturing. Pray for the men and women being trafficked under the guise of obtaining work or modeling jobs. Pray for the environmental resources that are exploited, including animals and wildlife.

Pray for the Church to remove the barriers and bondage girls and women are held under by teaching them that they are responsible for the way men view them. Pray for victims of sexual abuse those who would excuse themselves by citing the way a woman is dressed. Pray for our young boys and girls to understand that how they dress should be a reflection of their own self-expression, and that different situations call for different expressions.

Pray that God would lead Christian Fashion Week over the next year as we embark on a new journey and partner with those who share our passion for the issues that mattter within the fashion industry.

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