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Christian Fashion Week Announces 2015 Showcase As Its Final Season

Sunday, December 7, 2014 • Christian Fashion Week
There is one critical reason to make sure you are a part of Christian Fashion Week 2015 - it looks to be our last season for now. Learn more about why the Christian Fashion Week team made the decision to make the 2015 showcase our last, and what you can do to change that decision.
Christian Fashion Week Announces 2015 Showcase As Its Final Season

After launching the world's first fashion week from a Christian worldview in 2012, Christian Fashion Week has announced that its 2015 fashion showcase will be its final show. The difficult decision came after a series of funding campaigns that failed to produce the support the organizers expected from their community of over 10,000 fans, followers, and subscribers.

"Our goal was to successfully launch a fashion week that would represent the perspective and passion of the Christian community," commented Executive Director, Jose Gomez. "However, when the community that an event represents does not adequately support the effort, one-of-a-kind forums like Christian Fashion Week eventually disappear. The only way for it to continue with any level of excellence is for major Christian brands, organizations, churches, and businesses to support the effort and show the world that there is a united front - a community that wants to have a voice in what is available at stores and boutiques around the world."

"The most unfortunate fact about Christian Fashion Week is that the least amount of support CFW received was from the Christian community itself. Even our local Christian media, churches, and business community opted out," said Mayra Gomez, Fashion Director and co-founder of Christian Fashion Week. "We are very honored to have received the support of Zondervan Publishing for the first two years, but with recent changes in staffing, they were also unable to continue their support this year. We had hoped to see another major brand fill the gap, but none that we spoke with were prepared to do so."

Christian Fashion Week has issued two funding campaigns. The first was launched through GoFundMe.Com and has raised just over $2,000 in spite of the fact that it has been shared over 1,000 times. The campaign offers a number of perks which allow supporters to fund Christian Fashion Week for almost any amount. The second, more creative effort is a program called The 100 Fashionistas. This programs calls for 100 supporters to sponsor a season of Christian Fashion Week for $25 per month. The total of all sponsorships pays for the season's production and marketing expenses while allowing the Fashionistas numerous perks and privileges.

Both, campaigns have yielded less than the organizers expected, leaving a large portion of the event to be self-funded as in previous years.

"Unless we see support from our community of fans, Christian Fashion Week 2015 will be our last show - which makes it the most important Christian Fashion Week ever. We continue to pray for God's guidance and will follow the lead of our community's participation in the continuation of this amazing show."

The organizers have also expressed a willingness to discuss the sale of the Christian Fashion Week franchise and trademarks to a buyer within the Christian retail or fashion community with deeper pockets.


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